Roto Rooter Drain Cleaner uses the same environmentally safe technology that is used to clean up oil spills at sea. Through natural biological activity, non toxic, beneficial bacteria absorb the grease and organic buildups in your pipes and convert them into harmless byproducts: carbon dioxide and water. In addition this biofilm coats your pipes and continues to consume the organic wastes until they are gone.
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Roto Rooter Root Destroyer will kill only the roots growing into your pipes and will not effect the rest of your plants root system.
Roto Rooter Septic Tank Treatment is an easy to use liquid that breaks down the greases, starches, proteins and other organic materials that can clog septic tanks, cess pools and drain fields. It's unique high potency formulation of cultured bacteria and selected enzymes reactivates the bacterial action that is vital to your septic system or cesspool's proper operation.